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The Ten Most Predictable Times of Conflict

Identifying a Dragon

Controlling the Flow of Information

Surviving a Power Play

The Exacting Price of Ministry

Reconciling Battling Members

Hulking Rage
An epidemic of anger at the cineplex

Broken Pastor, Broken Church

Why People Divorce Their Pastors

Deciding Without Dividing

The Nearly Wed's Fight Club

My Worst Year in Ministry

Pastoring couples on the verge of divorce

Currents That Shape Your Church

The Gift of Rebuke

The Church of Cards

Trying the High Road

Currents Shaping My Church: War, Politics, and the Pulpit
How do you handle potentially explosive social issues when you know your congregation is not of one mind?

Currents Shaping My Soul: Why Do They Love/Hate Me?
Attitudes toward a pastor emerge from deep, dark sources.

The Mahatma
Gandhi unvarnished.

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