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The civil-rights movement as theological drama.

Amistad Gives African American Their Due

COLOR Blind?
What's wrong with the conservative line on race.

Bookshelf: Essential Reading on the American Dilemma

In Brief


The Fugitive Slave and the Transcendentalist

The Joe Louis of the Courtroom
Once devoted to a color-blind Constitution, Thurgood Marshall could not bring himself to let that principle benefit whites.

In Brief

The Political Pulpits of Dixie
A tradition that goes back to the Confederacy.

Birmingham, 1963
Turning point of the civil rights movement.

Presbyterians Retain Ban on Homosexual Ordination
Within the mainline Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA), the question of whether to tighten a ban on ordaining sexually active homosexuals is moving into the presbyteries.

ARTICLE: Separate and Equal

ARTICLE: Conquering the Enemy Within

Domestic Partners: Evangelicals Wary of Archdiocese Compromise in San Francisco

Higher Education: Educators Move Beyond Civil Rights to Reconciliation

New Religious Liberty Bill Unveiled
New Religious Liberty Bill Unveiled

The Dragon Slayer
He fights for religious liberty, defends the civil rights of homosexuals, and funded Paula Jones's case against the President—the enigmatic John Wayne Whitehead.

Books: Racism's Faces of Faith
The use and abuse of Christianity in the civil-rights struggle.

Playing the Grace Card
Christians hold the missing key to racial reconciliation—but it won't be popular.

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