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WWJD Products Inspire Thousands
WWJD Products Inspire Thousands

A Very Moving Church Service
The containerized chapel has everything troops need to worship

Looking for a Sign

Internet: Mormons, Evangelicals Tangle Over Web Site

Fundraising: 'Flamingoed' for Missions

Trends Church Guarantees 'Express Service' for Busy Believers

Community Is Their Middle Name
As Willow Creek Community Church turns 25, it is bigger than ever, drawing 17,000 a weekend. But what really makes Willow tick is what comes after the seeker services.

The Next 25 Years

Willow Creek's Place in History
It turns out that the church that made seeker-sensitive a part of our vocabulary is not as revolutionary as its critics have said.

Urban Outreach: Baptists Transform Kentucky Tavern
Quotations to contemplate on dying and eternity.

Not Just Another Megachurch
Church-growth critics and partisans would do well to visit Louisville's Southeast Christian Church.

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