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Steps Toward Humility

Reaching the "Happy-Thinking Pagan"

Preaching Evangelistically

Ministry to Missing Members

The Ten Most Predictable Times of Conflict

Surviving a Power Play

Ministry: New England Evangelicals Innovate and Grow
Churches planted in area take root despite rocky soil

Frozen Chosen
Antarctica gets its first Orthodox church.

SIDEBAR: Church Growth in the 'Hood

ARTICLE: Building the Church (of God in Christ), Part 1

ARTICLE: Building the Church (of God in Christ), Part 2

Turning the World Upside Down
The coming of global Christianity.

Should the Lord Tarry
The future of Christianity

Outrageous Vision
A conversation with Donald Miller about global Pentecostalism

The Importance of Reaching Ernest


Group Effort

My First Sunday in Your Church

Growing Edge

First Contact

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