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Denominations and Dinosaurs
If congregations do not adapt to a rapidly changing environment, they will become extinct.


Divided We Grow
The long-awaited second edition of David Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia.

Who Would Have Thought?

Muslim-Christian Conflicts May Destabilize East Africa

Silent Exodus
Can the East Asian church in America reverse the flight of its next generation?

Protestants Project Rapid Growth in Peru

Church Zoning: Permission Denied
Municipalities and neighbors are increasingly resistant to church construction and expansion.

Supreme Court: Supreme Court Ruling Due on Church Expansion Dispute

Highlights: Love and Miracles in China

Russia: Training Shortfall May Imperil Growth

Panama: Latin American Protestants Gaining Sense of Identity

Evangelicals Church Marks Centennial
Evangelical Church Marks Centennial

CT Classic: Why I’m Not Orthodox
An evangelical explores the ancient and alien world of the Eastern church.

Germany: Hybels Does Germany
Will Willow Creek's model float in Germany?

Revival: Pensacola Outpouring Keeps Gushing
But unlike the bubbly Toronto Blessing, repentance is foremost at this revival.

Outreach: Evangelism Explosion Retools its Approach

Youth Churches Growing Rapidly
Youth Churches Growing Rapidly

Is Persecution Good for the Church?
Sometimes it isn't.

Faith Without Borders (Part 1 of 2)
How the developing world is changing the face of Christianity.

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