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Still Somebody
"Despite an embarrassing scandal and widespread irritation with his methods, Jesse Jackson continues to be an influential voice in the church. Should evangelicals listen?"

Southern Baptists: SBC Agency May Revoke D.C. Funds
"The District of Columbia Baptist Convention may lose $475,000 in annual support because of differences with the North American Mission Board"

The Forgotten Founder
The man who altered the course of black Baptist history finally has his say.


Sunday Colors
Dallas churches continue to challenge the racial divide

Go Figure
Statistics and numbers on the Protestant clergy shortage and The Prayer of Jabez

Fraud: Financial Warfare scam targets black churches.
Feds crack down on Financial Warfare Club

Go Figure
Is cheating more rampant at religious high schools?

ARTICLE: Building the Church (of God in Christ), Part 1

ARTICLE: Building the Church (of God in Christ), Part 2

The School of Joy

Wizard of Odds
The Leadership Interview

Exercised Stock Option


Conflict in the Black Church
The black church has often failed to manage conflict because it believes conflict is wrong.

The Sermon

William Pannell recalls the road signs that have steered his thinking.

Congregation: The Journey Back to Church

Grace in the Ghetto

ARTICLE: Black Southern Baptists
The SBC's valiant efforts to overcome its racist past.

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