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In Brief

In Brief: Come Shouting to Zion

Missions Improbable
A stickler for accuracy flubs her facts, while a producer of page-turners leaves his readers reflective

In Brief

Failure and Hope
Church and state in South Africa.

Abolitionists in Africa
Antislavery, evangelicalism, and the "American factor" in West Africa.

Mandela's Miracle
Special Section: White/Other

Development Report Card
Evangelicals follow Jesus' command to love their neighbors—within limits.

The Spirits Are Angry
Liberia's secret cults in the service of civil war.

Divided We Grow
The long-awaited second edition of David Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia.

Who Would Have Thought?

Wole Soyinka's Outrage
The divided soul of Nigeria's Nobel laureate.

An Immensely Rich Cosmos

Muslim-Christian Conflicts May Destabilize East Africa


EDITORIAL: Cheap Evangelism

EDITORIAL: Ministry in the Real World Order
The cold war is over, but hate is prospering. What is the church to do?

Hope in Short Supply Amid Liberia's Chaos

CHARLES COLSON: Tortured for Christ--and Ignored

Missionaries, Aid Workers Flee Anarchy

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