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Colson: The Devil in the DNA
The strategy of evolutionary psychology is to debunk traditional morality by reducing it to genetic self-interest.

Biotech Babies
How far should Christian couples go in the quest for a child of their own?

In Brief
In Brief

Wanted: A New Pro-life Strategy
Twenty-five years after Roe, and 37 million abortions later, we have to admit we are losing the fight.

Roe v. McCorvey
What made "Roe" betray the pro-choice cause?

Top Religion Stories of 1997
(as selected by CT editors and writers)

News Briefs

Editorial: Lies We've Heard Before

Highlights: The Early Church's Health Plan
Christians practiced neither abortion nor infanticide and thus attracted women.

Pro-Lifers Hit with Treble Damages

Letters: Trucker's Testimony

Obituary: CT Editor Emeritus Lindsell

Pro-Life Activist Ordered to Jail

Falwell Denounces Operation Rescue
Falwell Denounces Operation Rescue

Evangelicals Wary After Conservative Defeat
by Richard Nyberg in Bonn

Books: This Present Biopolitical Darkness
In a society strongly marked by "rights" rather than social obligation, everything becomes negotiable.

Wild Card Election
The Clinton factor and tensions with the GOP test the mettle of religious conservatives.

Matters of Opinion: Israel's Holocaust
A Jewish rabbi asks: Why shouldn't abortion in Israel be compared to the mass murder of Jewish children in Hitler's Europe?

Editorial: The Prodigal Who Didn't Come Home
Why the President's "apology" misfired

Conversations: The Good HMO
First Resort founder Shari Plunkett wondered how to reach unhappily pregnant women. Answer: Work with HMOs.

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