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The Meaning of Jesus
Six scholars explain why they study the origins of Christianity—and why it matters.

Jesus at the Movies

BOOKS: Good Company
A devotional that will point your soul to the living Christ.

Classic and contemporary excerpts


Puzzles and Dreams


Palette of Forgiveness

Standing Firm, Moving Forward
CT founder Billy Graham charts the course for evangelicalism's future.

The Grandmother of Us All
Henrietta Mears had a vision for conquering the world for Christ. And in a way, she did.

Outside the Gate Outsider artists interpret the cross.
Outsider artists interpret the cross.

The Gospel According to Stephen King
The world's most famous 'horror writer' is also one of its most spiritually attuned novelists.

Angels of the Night
A Chicago street ministry reaches out to male prostitutes working the street.

Classic & Contemporary Excerpts

Churches Join 'Prayer Evangelism'

Directions: Committing the Unforgivable Sin

The Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers
What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study.

Priest Horrified as Zimbabwe Politician Compared With 'Son of Man'
Incident is not the first such comparison in Zimbabwe politics

Evangelicals Grow as Political Force
New interest in public policy fuels election wins

Quotation Marks
"Recent quotes on Scottish gospel music, church bingo, and perpetual prayer"

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