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Washington: Military Chaplains Sue Over 'Project Life' Ban

News Briefs

Olympics: Sports Chaplains Compete for Souls


Capitol Hill Embroiled in Controversy After Catholic is Rejected as Chaplain
Priest would have been first non-Protestant in House post

Navy: Judge Says Chaplain Can Sue Navy
Evangelicals say Catholics and liturgical Protestants are more likely to be promoted.


Armed Services: Air Force Chaplains Allege Bias
Independent survey finds perceptions of racial, gender, and religious discrimination

Readying for Takeoff
According to airport chaplain, travelers don't take flying for granted after September 11.

Under The Sun- First Page

Racing-Car Cleric Brings Mass to the Fast Lane
Phil De Rea is co-founder of CART Ministries and chaplain to drivers, spectators, and mechanics

Watchman on the Walls
"Between heaven and earth, and victim and offender, stands Texas death-row chaplain Jim Brazzil"

Armed Services: Navy Bias Charged
"We're not on the same ground as the high church group or the Catholics, say evangelicals"

Chaplains Alarmed at Europe's Rising Prison Populations
"Privatization of jails, restorative justice also chief concerns at recent meeting."

"Aisle 4: Milk, Bread, and God"

Navy wins suit: Pentecostal chaplain plans to appeal discrimination case ruling.
"'Non-liturgical' chaplains complain of bias in Naval promotion, hiring"

Updates on Iraq Baptism and Secretary of Education Controversies
The Army investigates a chaplain for coercion and the Baptist Press admits factual and contextual errors in an interview with Rod Paige

Naval Chaplain Succeeds Ogilvie in Senate
An interview with Barry Black

A Warm Body and a Badge

Richard C. Eyer

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