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In Brief

Who Would Have Thought?

EDITORIAL: Re-Neighboring Our Cities

ARTICLE: Basic Stott, Part 1

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: A Pastoral Manifesto

Greening of the Gospel?
Evangelical environmentalists press to add creation care to the church's mission.

Pentecostals: Youth Leaders Launch Racial Reconciliation Network
Youth Are Key in Moving Past 'Feel Good' Reconciliation

The Living Bible Reborn: Tyndale's 50th Anniversary
From the Living Bible to the New Living Translation.

Beijing U: China Educators Launch First Religion Department


Highlights: The Way We Were (And Are)

Inner City Renaissance: Helping the Poor Help Themselves
As economic development initiatives sweep the country, some evangelical churches are showing the way.

Germany: Hybels Does Germany
Will Willow Creek's model float in Germany?

Books: Christendom Must Die...for the church to live

Outreach: Evangelism Explosion Retools its Approach

Salvation Army: Salvation Army Youth Spell Out New Methods

NRB: Women Broadcasters Make Inroads, Slowly

Highlights: The Culture Is Overrated
In leaning over to speak to the modern world, I fear we may have fallen in.

Southern Baptists: Denominational Restructuring Trims 200 Agency Positions

National Baptists: Lyons Survives Challenge
But criminal investigations are still under way.

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