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The Moravian Mission Influence Spreads Throughout the World and to Other Denominations
Today—Membership in the Moravian mission Churches outnumber those at home 4 to 1!

Bible Translation Since John Wycliffe

From the Archives: A Day in the Life of William Carey

William Carey: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about William Carey

From the Editor: Ten Years, Thanks to You

The Man Who Wouldn't Give Up
No matter how great the obstacles, William Carey expected great things and attempted great things.

William Carey Converts
How a lukewarm Anglican became a fiery Baptist

A Day in the Life of William Carey

The Rest of the Serampore Trio
Carey saw little success until he was joined by this team

The Missions Manifesto
An excerpt from "the Magna Carta of the Protestant mission movement

Why Did the 1800s Explode with Missions?

William Carey: A Gallery of Missionary Pioneers
They boldly went where no Christian had gone before

William Carey: The Christian History Timeline

William Carey's India

Dorothy's Devastating Delusions
A psychologist examines the mental illness that afflicted William Carey's first wife

William Carey: A Gallery of Carey's Companions and Converts
Key people in his life

The 11 Commandments of Missions
Carey and his team set forth principles that still guide us today

Ministry in the Killing Fields
Infanticide, widow burning, assisted suicide—Carey and other missionaries battled these accepted religious practices

Burning a Woman to Death

The Lasting Contributions of a Wretched Worm
Was Carey right when he said, "I have done little for God"?

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