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It Ain't Me, Babe
Bob Dylan, reluctant prophet.

Transport me. Please.
I want to stare at something amazing, something that pulls me beyond myself.

EDITORIAL: Tonight Show Prophecy

Hired Pens

Can't Buy Me Ministry
Leaders of contemporary Christian music are worried about the meaning of their success.

We Have Created a Monster

Shepherding the Stars
Nashville pastor Scotty Smith on the lures, hurdles, and safeguards for Christian artists.

Party's Ouster of Scientologists Decried
Party's Ouster of Scientologists Decried

Christian Celebrity: An Oxymoron?
Can anything good come from Nazareth? Watts? Orange County? Doubleday?

Books: Oprah's Misery Index
Her book club's selections' recurring theme: Sufferers who save themselves.

Editorial: Beware the Spotlight
We are called to be suspicious of the Christian celebrity culture.

The Gospel According to Stephen King
The world's most famous 'horror writer' is also one of its most spiritually attuned novelists.

New Delhi Center Dedicated to Princess Di's Wish to End 'Stigma' of Leprosy
$1.43 million center aimed at education and media


God on the Gridiron
Should there be a wall of separation between the church and football?

Is 10 Commandments Debate Now Bigger Than Abortion?
A compilation of recent media stories about Christians and Christianity

An Extraordinary Orthodox Christmas and Other News
Recent stories in the mainstream and religious presses about Christians and Christianity

The Glory of the Ordinary
A career slump gave quarterback Trent Dilfer insight into his faith—and the faith-hype within the NFL.

Plus: Globalized Alumni
International schools, though relatively little known, teach children of some of the future's most influential people. Some alumni:

Is The Truth Out There?
Religious columnists find flowers growing in television's wasteland. Part 2 of a midseason look at TV.

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