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Books: Inside the Vatican
The pope's chief doctrinal officer has always been in dialogue with the Reformation traditions. Now he reveals his vision for Christianity in the new millennium.

Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine
Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine

1962 The Second Vatican Council
In an epochal council, the Catholic Church undertook its most searching self-examination ever and renewed itself for a modern world.

Vatican Says U.S. Bishops' Abuse Policy Contradicts Church Law
: Billy Graham in Texas and other stories from online sources around the world

Vatican's New Ecumenical Officer May Smooth Relations with Protestants
Walter Kasper has criticized Dominus Iesus for treating Protestant denominations as not churches in the proper sense

Anglican Liturgist Welcomes Vatican Warning on 'Politically Correct' Liturgy
"Gender-specific alterations seemed hypocritical, inconsistent, says British theologian."

Church of England Objects to Vatican Ban on Sharing Communion
"Sharing of the Eucharist between Anglicans and Roman Catholics should not be reserved for the end point of unity between separated churches, say leaders."

Renewed Hope for Adult Stem Cell Research
"Rebels murder Vatican's envoy to Burundi, leading evangelical theologian calls Bush and Blair white vigilantes, and other stories from online sources around the world"

Muslims at Home in America
Christians have a part to play in helping Islam adapt to democracy.

The Politics of Communion
Church leaders who admonish politicians on moral issues are doing their jobs.

Federal Appeals Court Backs Ore. Assisted Suicide
Plus: Cattle rustling, not religion, said behind Nigeria riots; Americans United asks IRS to punish Colorado Springs archdiocese for Communion edict; good and bad news out of the Sudan; and other stories from online sources around the world.

Do Americans Want a Religious Government, or Just a Spiritual One?
The link between the Pledge decision and Time's cover package on religion and the presidential campaign.

The Most Religious Kerry Speech Ever
Plus: The Bush Code, prominent Haitian pastor murdered, Remembering Patriarch of Alexandria Petros VII, and too many other stories from online sources around the world.

Two Iraqi Churches Bombed
Plus: Mr. Bean opposes British religious hate-crime bill, religious summit opens in Indonesia, Vatican condemns 'Christianophobia', Christmas dilemma, praying for the home team, and other articles from online sources around the world.

From Homer to Hip-Hop
The Jesuit scholar Walter Ong studied the evolution of human consciousness via the history of communication.

Why I Signed It. Part 1

Why I Signed It. Part 2

Pope Lands on Bestseller List

The Passion of Mel Gibson
Why evangelicals are cheering a movie with profoundly Catholic sensibilities.

The Passion and Prejudice
Why I asked the Anti-Defamation League to give Mel Gibson a break.

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