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Editorial: North Korea's Hidden Famine
The poor and the weak should not have to starve due to the policies of their government.

Bearing the Cross | Jeff M. Sellers: Forgotten Gulag in North Korea
What you can do to help persecuted Christians

"After Mere Days of Protest, Yahoo Pulls Out of the Porn Biz"
"Long-term, potentially lucrative plans scuttled after uproar from users."

Aid Expert Warns That North Korea Faces Renewed Food Shortages
Churches leading the way to aid 1.8 million ton food shortage

Korea: Helping Refugees Run Roadblocks
"No nation wants North Koreans, but Christians rally to their cause"

Criminal Faith
"Going nuclear, North Korea allows worship only of its dictator"

Gujarat Religious Survey Troubles Indian Christians
Government of Indian state says it has been gathering statistics on the minority at the behest of federal officials

North Korea: Christians on the frontlines help refugees escape a nightmare.
Christians among the thousands making their way to China

Criminal Faith
"Going nuclear, North Korea allows worship only of its dictator"

'Ten Commandments Judge' Loses Appeal
"Bush promotes school vouchers, judge blocks Virginia's partial-birth abortion ban, aborted embryos may become mothers, and other articles from online sources around the world"

Border Crackdown
Government seeks to stamp out North Korea refugee problem

A Heartless Homeland
Why more North Koreans than ever are fleeing their country.

The Nightmare of North Korea
One man's story of brutality, courage, love, and freedom.

Senate Passes North Korea Human Rights Bill
Plus: The lead attorney drops out of Terri Schiavo's defense team, Sudan blames U.S. for arming Darfur rebels, Presbyterians and Jews try to heal rift, Chicago Tribune visits Bob Jones University, and other articles from online sources around the world.

Nightmares and Miracles
A good beginning to the long battle for human rights in North Korea.

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