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Sex Abuse: Sexual Abuse in Churches Not Limited to Clergy

Women: New Focus on Abuse Cases

Sexual Abuse: How Congregations Find Healing

When Words Abuse

Domestic Violence and Abuse Quickscan

Australian Governor-General Feels Heat Over Handling of Abuse Case
Former Anglican archbishop Peter Hollingworth denies that he failed to offer support to victim's family.

How the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal Affects Evangelical Churches
Sin and secrecy aren't limited to Roman Catholics, say pastors and scholars

70 Child Abuse Accusations Against Churches Each Week—and Most Are Protestants
The latest on the Burnhams, who killed MLK, and many other stories from online sources around the world

Bogus Claims of Abuse Leveled Against Martyred Missionary
Church opposes suspension of atheist pastor, and many other stories from online sources around the world.

Inquiry Calls for 'Vigilance' to Prevent Child Abuse
"British recommendations want police check on all clergy, dismissal of offenders."

Church vs. State: Churches Seek Help in Abuse Suits
Mediation may help in determining financial liability in Canadian abuse cases.

Witnesses Accused of Failing to Report Abuse
Two sisters are suing Watchtower Bible and Tract Society over policy to keep suspicions of sexual crime within the church

Recognizing Abused Children

Virgil Gulker: Calling a Child by Name
God roams America's public schools looking for us

Blockbuster Evangelism
"Millions have been converted after seeing films about Jesus, and Hindu radicals are responding with violence"

Horses that Heal
Hope Rising is a sweet collection of real-life stories about the power of love and horses to heal the hurts of disadvantaged children

A Tumultuous Journey
Slow Way Home offers rich prose and vivid characters

Bethlehem Prepares for Dour Christmas
"Tons more on Christmas, the lies of Da Vinci, State Department's religious freedom report, Christian video games, and hundreds of stories from online sources around the world"

Federal Judge Says City Shouldn't Have Banned 'Jesus Is Alive' Sign
"Stolen Jesuses, changes at Bibleman HQ, and many more religion stories from online sources around the world"

American Missionary Murdered in Kenya
"Moving the polls over Robinson, Laos arrests 11 for Christmas prayer, and other stories from online sources around the world"

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