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The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer
Thirteen years after his death, Schaeffer's vision and frustrations continue to haunt evangelicalism.

A Call to Evangelical Unity

The Monkey Trial and the Rise of Fundamentalism: Christian History Timeline

Standing in the Crossfire

Doctors Under Oath
Modern medicine has misplaced its moral compass. Can Hippocrates help?

Evangelical Theological Society Moves Against Open Theists
Membership of Pinnock and Sanders challenged by due process

Call Them Hostages
"Shelter Now aid workers reportedly survive first attack, but young American Heather Mercer isn't doing well."

Closed to Openness: Scholars Vote: God Knows Future
But supporters of open theism say they'll stay in the Evangelical Theological Society despite resolution

Gray Matter and the Soul
What is the difference between the brain and the soul?

Closing the door on open theists?
ETS to examine whether Clark Pinnock and John Sanders can remain members

CT Classic: J.I. Packer on Text Criticism and Inerrancy
How can I reconcile my belief in the inerrancy of Scripture with comments in Bible translations that state that a particular verse is not 'in better manuscripts'?

Dispatch from Atlanta: What Fireworks?
Anxieties and attack turn to grace and truth as the Evangelical Theological Society votes on Open Theism proponents' membership

Evangelical Scholars Remove Robert Gundry for His Views on Matthew
Did Matthew embellish his work with nonhistorical additions?

ETS Leadership Issues Recommendations on Kicking Out Open Theists
Evangelical Theological Society's Executive Committee unanimously recommends Clark Pinnock stay; majority says John Sanders should go

The Madrid/Jones Dialogue on Scripture and the Church

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