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Amistad Gives African American Their Due

Bookshelf: Essential Reading on the American Dilemma

The Fugitive Slave and the Transcendentalist

The Puzzle of John Brown

An Uncertain Trumpet
How Christians in the South sought to reconcile slavery with Scripture.


Abolition's Hidden History
How black argument led to white commitment.

The Political Pulpits of Dixie
A tradition that goes back to the Confederacy.

America's Holy War

The surprising connection between American political theory and cognitive psychology.

Lincoln and Providence

Abolitionists in Africa
Antislavery, evangelicalism, and the "American factor" in West Africa.

Pop Culture: Amistad's Unsung Hero
Nobody made a larger impact on the movement to end slavery.

How God Won When Politics Failed
Learning from the abolitionists during a time of political discouragement.

God's College and Radical Change

The Abolitionists
Despised and often attacked, they courageously carried the slaves' cause for thirty years. Why have these inescapably Christian men and women been forgotten?

Preaching the Holy War
What did Protestant ministers say about the raging national battle?

Top 12 Resources on Christianity and the Civil War
Christian History editors asked Dr. Charles Reagan Wilson to recommend books that creatively explore Christianity during the Civil War era. Here's his list.

Christianity and the Civil War: From the Editor - What PBS Didn't Tell You

Christianity and the Civil War: A Gallery of Firebrands and Visionaries
Leading people in religion and politics during the Civil War era

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