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The Flowering of Pietism in the Garden of America

The Unity of the Brethren

Jan Amos Comenius: A Gallery of Figures in the Life and World of Comenius
Jan Amos Comenius was acquainted with scholars, kings, churchmen, businessmen, ordinary and extraordinary men who profoundly influenced his life as he also influenced theirs.

Freedom in Pennsylvania

The Germanic States Before the Seventeenth Century

The Golden Age of Hymns: Christian History Timeline

The History Behind Christian History
The experts said a church-history magazine would never work. On our 10th anniversary, we look back with founder Ken Curtis.

Why Did the 1800s Explode with Missions?

The Wesleys: Christian History Timeline
The Christian History Timeline

Human Rights Groups Criticize Beijing as Choice for 2008 Olympics
"The challenge now is to use the games to press for improvements, advocates said."

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