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To the Jews First
Jewish evangelization from the heyday of dispensationalism to the rise of Messianic Judaism.

Building Your Leaders

Blind Spot

Pastor and Activist

My Zeal Has Not Cooled…

Felix Neff
Apostle of Alpine Awakening

A Chimaera of His Age
A Man of Peace and the Church Militant

The World Has Yet to See…

Compel Them to Come In
An earnest evangelistic appeal from the Prince of Preachers

Behind Enemy Lines
While carrying tracts to Union troops, one preacher was seized by Confederates as a spy.

Tying Their Own Hands
How Christian missionaries sometimes thwarted their own evangelism

Cross and Sword

The Rest of the Serampore Trio
Carey saw little success until he was joined by this team

The 11 Commandments of Missions
Carey and his team set forth principles that still guide us today

How I Pray

John Chrysostom: From the Editor - Admiring the Fire

Link Essay: Great White Father
After Livingstone opened Africa, Western missionaries moved in by the thousands. Did they hurt or help Africans?

Crisis in the Middle East
Ethnic and religious tensions ran high in Jesus' day too.

The Wanderer
Jerome of Prague's zest for life was surpassed only by his zeal for reform.

Passion or Polish?

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