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Divided We Grow
The long-awaited second edition of David Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia.

Who Would Have Thought?

SIDEBAR: Forgive Us Our Trespasses

News Briefs


Letters: A God of wonders!

Worldwide Church of God Joins NAE
Worldwide Church of God Joins NAE

News Briefs

Unfair Use Alleged
Religious groups fight Internet copyright abuses.

From the Fringe to the Fold
"Banning gay hugs, abortionist killer James Kopp finally arrested, and other stories from news media around the world"

Doctrinal Aftershocks
Worldwide Church of God seeks a new start in the face of fresh opposition

Church Sells Armstrong's Works
Nineteen books by founder sold to Worldwide Church of God splinter group

"Weblog: Tim LaHaye Loses Left Behind Lawsuit, Worldwide Church of God Settles"
"Supreme Court considers sodomy law, and other sources from online sources around the world"

Turning the World Upside Down
The coming of global Christianity.

A Global Pentecost
The fastest-growing religious group?

WWJSD - The global ministry of John Stott.
The global ministry of John Stott

Forgotten Christians
Believers in the Middle East and Asia Minor

Should the Lord Tarry
The future of Christianity

EDITORIAL: The Road to Orthodoxy
The post-Armstrong Worldwide Church of God's commendable journey of faith.

Southern Baptist Convention Criticized—Surprised?
Plus: Campus Crusade evangelist murdered, thousands rally for Pentecost, and other stories from the world's mainstream media.

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