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The State of Missions
The director of World Inquiry talks about the challenges and priorities of the evangelical missions community

Are Most Arab Americans Christian?
The Detroit News reports that 75 percent of Arabs in the U.S. are Christian. Why is that?

Turning the World Upside Down
The coming of global Christianity.

A Global Pentecost
The fastest-growing religious group?

Forgotten Christians
Believers in the Middle East and Asia Minor

Should the Lord Tarry
The future of Christianity

Africa: A Mission Accomplished?
Where Christianity is thriving

South Pacific Christianities
A new history

Outrageous Vision
A conversation with Donald Miller about global Pentecostalism

The Tao Made Flesh
Rediscovering the ancient roots of Chinese Christianity

Let's Dance

Reformed, Reforming

Dispatch: What in the World Is God Doing?
"For Episcopalians, the night may be darkest before the dawn."

Weblog Bonus: 'Difficult Days Ahead' For Anglican Communion
"As some Episcopalian conservatives walk out, leaders abroad condemn the church's first openly homosexual bishop"

Iraqi Christians Celebrate Saddam's Capture
Chaldean Christian communities in the U.S. call arrest a Christmas present

Renewed Hope for Adult Stem Cell Research
"Rebels murder Vatican's envoy to Burundi, leading evangelical theologian calls Bush and Blair white vigilantes, and other stories from online sources around the world"

Why Don't They Listen?
John Stott on the most pernicious obstacles to effective world evangelism

Putting Pain to Work
Healthy bodies know how to make use of pain. A healthy church does too.



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