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Listening to the Community of Saints
How Protestant interpreters of the Bible are recovering the neglected riches of tradition.


The Word That Has No End
Theology and biblical studies in the life of the church.

A Piety of the Word

The Leather-Bound Shrine in Every Home

Battles over Bibles

Bookshelf: The History of the Bible

Flash Cards from Heaven

EDITORIAL: Promoting Renewal, Not Tribalism
By Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, and senior adviser for Christianity Today

The Living Bible Reborn: Tyndale's 50th Anniversary
From the Living Bible to the New Living Translation.

Guardian of God's Word
The amazingly balanced, wise, biblical, and global ministry of a local pastor, John Stott.

Books: The Agnostic's Expositor

Ukrainian Politicans Meet Christians
Politicians Seek Input from Christians

What Have They Done to My Genesis?
To my surprise, the PBS series showed me how I'd underestimated Scripture.


Genesis: Warts and All
What Christians can learn from Jews about the Bible's first book.

Directions: What Bible Version Did Jesus Read?

The Greatest Story Never Read
Recovering biblical literacy in the church.

I Love to Tell the Story to Those Who Know It Least
Biblical preaching in a post-Christian culture.

What's in a Name?
Why we shouldn't call the Old Testament the 'Hebrew Scriptures.'

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