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Wedding Nights—and Daze

His Marriage

What Pastor's Wives Wish Their Churches Knew Part 1
There is more to who I am than that smiling face next to my husband.

What Pastor's Wives Wish Their Churches Knew Part 2

First Lady Wants to Love Enemies
First Lady Wants to Love Enemies


Texas Southern Baptists: Submission Rejected
State convention counters SBC marriage statement.

Texas Baptists Counter Official Southern Baptist Stance on Marriage
Baptist General Conference of Texas goes back to 1963 statement, rejecting 1998 vote.

Directions: You're Divorced—Can You Remarry?

When Words Abuse

Out of Pain

My Dear Companion

Idelette: John Calvin's Search for the Right Wife
You don't look to the life of John Calvin for humor, but Calvin's quest for a wife would make grist for a twentieth-century situation comedy.

Jesus and Women
In His treatment of women, as in many other areas, Jesus of Nazareth was a radical contrast to the standards of His times

From the Archives: Monica, Faithful Mother
Augustine considered his mother, Monica, a driving force in his own salvation. In his Confessions, he documents her relentless prayers and persuasions. In Book IX, he speaks of her married life with Patricius in Thagaste, a small town in North Africa, thanking God for her powerful Christian witness. Patricius was a pagan throughout his life, but converted to Christianity shortly before his death.

From the Archives: The Wife's Domain

Christian History Sampler: Martin Luther on Marriage
The Reformer deeply influenced more than one institution.

Dorothy's Devastating Delusions
A psychologist examines the mental illness that afflicted William Carey's first wife

Pushing to the Point of Exhaustion
A look at one year of Whitefield's whirlwind ministry.

Whitefield's Curious Love Life

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