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The Rules Have Stayed the Same

Deposed Bishop Invents Online Diocese

Worldwide Faith News Goes Online
Worldwide Faith News Goes Online

Technology: Seminaries Wire for Long-distance Learning

Internet: Ministry Critics Take to World Wide Web Soapbox
Ministry Critics Embrace Web's Uncensored Forum

Christian Leaders Target Cyberporn
Christian Leaders Target Cyberporn

Technology: No Free Cyber Ride
Churches discover old rules apply to new technologies.

The Coming Secular Apocalypse
How a computer bug is breeding prophecy, plans, and polemics in the church.

Plus: Y2K Preparation Guide

Church of the Web
More ministries fund Internet evangelism.

Come Ride With Us

Internet: Pro-life Web Site Fined $109 Million

Apologetics' Missing Links
Why Christian apologetics sites on the Web have a postmodern-sized blind spot

The Movie Missionary
David Bruce uses film reviews to introduce Web surfers to Jesus.

Onward Christian Surfers!
The Church of England gives marching orders to Christians on the Web

Finding Faith in Cyberspace
How God used e-mail and a willing witness to lead a Wiccan to Christ.

Extending the Dream

In Brief

Is Dead?
Investors lost faith in, was extinguished, and Crosswalk is being run over. What happened to the for-profit Christian Web site boom?

'We All Believe In Something'
And Beliefnet believes the answer to serving both God and mammon lies in being as interfaith as possible.

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