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The Dissatisfaction of Francis Schaeffer
Thirteen years after his death, Schaeffer's vision and frustrations continue to haunt evangelicalism.

Jonestown: Twenty Years Later, Cults Still Lethal
The horror lingers, yet the number of aberrant groups keeps growing as people seek community.

Francis's Troubled World
In that day, it took extreme measures to live for peace: a photo-essay.

Counter-Culture Christianity
A look at the radical utopian communities that sprang up across the early frontier.

Chicago Tribune Investigates Jesus People USA
"British rector says divorcing parents are child abusers, and other stories from media sources around the world."

Jesus' People
Lessons for living in the we decade

Conflict Divides Countercult Leaders
A 1994 Christianity Today article reports on the conflict between sociologist Ronald Enroth and JPUSA.

Jesus' Woodstock
"After 20 summers of love, the Cornerstone Festival still opens doors for unknown musicians and unlocks truth for hungry minds"

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