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Venezuela Restricts Unification Church
Venezuela Restricts Unification Church

Finance: Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals

Government Recognition Demanded
Government Recognition Demanded

Unification Church: Inside Moon's Unhappy Family
Church founder's ex-daughter-in-law pens grim tome about life on the inside.

Son's Death Shakes Up Unification Church
Sun Myung Moon calls death 'providential' accident, not suicide.

The Burnhams, One Year and Counting
: The Moonie Times, Christian home schooling's win and loss, and other stories from online sources from around the world.

Spirit in the Sky?
Mother of the child in Pledge of Allegiance case speaks out

"Hostages, Prisoners, Captives—And One Who's Not"
"Catching up with Milingo, the Burnhams, and the Shelter Now workers in Afghanistan."

Archbishops Wed in Moonie Wedding
"Former Zambian leader will be excommunicated from Catholic Church, American already has been."

"Government-Funded Charities Can Fire Homosexuals, Says Federal Court"
"Virginia schools' moment of silence okayed, and dozens of pastors fired for associating with Sun Myung Moon"

In Perspective: Why Are Pastors Flying to Moon?
Recent black clergy firings are only the latest chapter in Unification Church's efforts to court Christian leaders

"CT Classic: With Their Leader in Prison, Moonies Pursue Legitimacy"
Tim LaHaye and other Christians are helping the Unification Church battle the perceived threat of government intrusion

The Unification Church Aims a Major Public Relations Effort at Christian Leaders
"A mass mailing to 300,000 church leaders tries to clarify the teachings of Sun Myung Moon."

Unification Church Ties Haunt New Coalition
Are followers of Sun Myung Moon expanding their influence among conservative Christians?

Sun Myung Moon's Followers Recruit Christians to Assist in Battle Against Communism
"Funded by the Unification Church, CAUSA seeks an interfaith effort based on Moon's theology."

"Archbishop's Wife Threatens Suicide, Claims Pregnancy as Milingo Returns to Catholicism"
"Evangelical Lutheran Church in America passes ordination amendment, and other stories from media sources around the world."

Maria Sung No Longer Mooning For Archbishop Milingo
"Israeli army leaves Christian town of Beit Jala, and news on Billy Graham, school vouchers, religious investing, and other topics around the world"

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