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C. S. Lewis Among the Postmodernists
How to be a perspectivalist without losing your foundations.

The Anatomy of a Lie

Quantum Metaphysics

Truth Is Not Known Unless It Is Loved
How Pavel Florensky restored what Ockham stole.

HISTORY WARS II: Intellectual Fallout

Faith & Reason: Introduction

Faith & Reason: Nicholas Wolterstorff

Faith & Reason: Richard J. Bernstein

Faith & Reason: Alvin Plantinga

The Word Made Flesh
For the writer, working in metaphor is a life-and-death matter.

HISTORY WARS I: The History of History

Random Jottings from the Back of a Movie Poster

Liberated by Reality


Much Ado About Nada

Agent Provocateur

Among the Theologians

Vegetables Don't Have a History
A conversation with historian John Lukacs.

Because It Works, That's Why!

The Last Medieval Man

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