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Southern Baptist Leaders So Upset About TNIV That Denomination May Abandon NIV
Plus: Hard ministry in Las Vegas, the other Christian music boom, and more stories from around the world.

Comparing the Three NIVs

Here Comes (Yawn) the Senate Faith-Based Initiative Bill
Plus: Dobson speaks on the TNIV, the Burnham video online, and other stories from around the world.

'People of the Book' Are Reading Very Different Texts
Plus: Allowing pastors to preach politics, and various challenges to God's omnipresence.

The TNIV Battle Continues
Dobson and others launch Kept the Faith to accuse TNIV creators of violating their word and God's.

Translation Wars
Sharp as debate over the TNIV may be, the version's translators are getting off easy compared to John Wycliffe and William Tyndale.

Which Version Should We Use?
What we said when the NIV was first published.

House's Faith-Based Initiatives Bill May Not Be Dead Yet
How gender-inclusive is the Southern Baptists' new Bible? And more stories from online sources around the world

Bible Translation: Revised NIV Makes Its Debut
Translators alter 7 percent of the text to update style and gender issues.

Bible Translation: TNIV Critics Blast Scripture 'Distortions'
But evangelical backers of new translation say gender changes are 'accurate.'

Why the TNIV Draws Ire
"No translation is perfect, and each must be read with a careful exegetical eye."


Bible: Southern Baptist Convention rejects TNIV translation
But Bible forum says controversial translation is 'within principles

Getting the TNIV Debate Straight
Our policy against negative ads doesn't mean we're cutting off discussion

Southern Baptists Boot Gay Protesters
Messengers at St. Louis convention pick Prestonwood's Jack Graham as new leader

"Top Ten News Stories, 2002"
"The events, people, and ideas of the past year that have or will significantly shape evangelical life, thought, or mission"

The TNIV Debate
Is this new translation faithful in its treatment of gender?

Is The TNIV Faithful in Its Treatment of Gender? No
Political correctness puts pressure on translators to change details of meaning

Is The TNIV Faithful in Its Treatment of Gender? Yes
The TNIV does not eliminate gender distinctions but rather clarifies them

A Response to Vern Poythress
The TNIV Preserves the Original Meaning

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