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Inheriting Paradise

Evolution and Ethics

Galileo Had a Daughter
Science is always entangled in the particulars of a time and place.

Let the Dead Heal Us
Recovering the pastoral motivation of classical Christian theology.

Editorial: Reconnecting with the Poor
If people are hurting, it's our business.

The Fatted Faithful
Why the church may be harmful to your waistline.

Zwingli and Luther: The Giant vs. Hercules

From the Archives: Selling and Lending
Thomas Aquinas (1227–1274)

One of the Best Teachers of the Church: Augustine on Teachers and Teaching
Augustine on Teachers and Teaching

The Urge for Poverty
Christian Asceticism from the Early Church Through the Reformation

1272 Thomas Aquinas Concludes His Word on Summa Theologiae
The massive treatise set forth a theological system so influential it has been declared eternally valid.

Praying to the Dead

The Crusades: Did You Know?
Little Known Facts about the Crusades.

A Time to Be Poor
In Francis's day, abandoning possessions was seen as a key to holiness

Theology on the Edge
When competing ideologies had fragmented Christian thought, Thomas forged a solution.

Thomas Aquinas: Christian History Interview - He's Our Man
Evangelicals can embrace a rich inheritance from Aquinas.

From Interfaith Dialogue to Apologetics
Thomas respected Muslims' knowledge of philosophy, but their misconceptions about Christianity concerned him deeply.

A Mingling of Minds
Why was one of Christianity's best thinkers so ready to learn from a Muslim and a Jew?

Thomas Aquinas: A Gallery of Scholastic Superstars
The white heat produced by these great minds lit up the High Middle Ages.

Aquinas for President?
His views on government, law, and economics would shake the system.

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