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A Cyber-Pilgrim's Progress
When technology functions as a religion, as savior and liberator, we begin to project divine attributes onto it.

Robots with Choice?

Questioning Progress

In Brief

Making Webheads of Us All
Will America Online become the Microsoft of cyberspace?

THE SCIENCE PAGES: Technology from A to Z

In Brief

Rockett, Lara, and Barbie
The newest computer game protagonists—and customers—are girls.

Neuroscience After Nietzsche
Is the brain a symphony orchestra without a conductor?

You'd better stock up. Only those who purchase will survive.

The Rules Have Stayed the Same

Artificial Creation: A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Creation: Final Fantasy

WORLD SCENE: New Satellite Service Launched
The Christian minority in the Middle East now has access to Arabic-language Christian programs on SAT-7, a new satellite television service beamed from Cyprus.

Technology: Seminaries Wire for Long-distance Learning

Internet: Ministry Critics Take to World Wide Web Soapbox
Ministry Critics Embrace Web's Uncensored Forum

Editorial: Stop Cloning Around
In the flurry of scientific boundary breaking, let's remember that humans are not sheep.

A Cultural Literacy Primer
Ten resources Christians need for understanding today's world.

The Class of '00
These "millennial" teenagers are forcing the church to rethink youth ministry.

The Class of '00 Part 2
These "millennial" teenagers are forcing the church to rethink youth ministry.

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