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Charles H. Spurgeon: Did You Know?
A collection of true and unusual facts about Charles Haddon Spurgeon

William Carey: A Gallery of Missionary Pioneers
They boldly went where no Christian had gone before

Was It Worth It?
Western Protestants poured money and people into China for a hundred years. Did it make a significant difference?

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: From the Editor - Surprised by China
From the Editor

Pushing Inward
Whether he was battling despair or floating on euphoric faith, Hudson Taylor drove himself—and the gospel—ever deeper into China.

Fashion Statement
Missionaries who dressed like the Chinese suffered a few snags.

Missions Dream Team
The story of seven extraordinary missionaries and their brief encounter with an extraordinary Chinese pastor.

Trickle-Down Evangelism
The earliest China missionaries started with the elite.

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: Christian History Timeline
The Christian History Timeline

Unbecoming Ladies
Women played a controversial but decisive new role in China missions.

Fury Unleashed
The Boxer Rebellion revealed the courage of missionaries—and the resentment they sparked.

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: A Gallery of Gritty Pioneers
Six missionaries whose tenacity changed China

Trying to Break Loose
It took some doing for Chinese Protestants to get free of missionary control.

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: Recommended Resources
What do you pack if you're going to China as a British missionary in 1865?

Hudson Taylor & Missions to China: Did You Know?
Remarkable or little-known facts about Hudson Taylor and missions to China.

Shari'ah Law to Decide Fates in Afghanistan
Attack of the 200 Clones coming soon and Eugene Rivers's model could help Cincinnati's racial tensions

Mr. Jabez Goes to Africa
Bruce Wilkinson expands his borders to include racial reconciliation and HIV/AIDS

The New History of Missions
The difference between global Christianity and world Christianity.

In Summary:Biography

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