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Disorder in the Court?

The Joe Louis of the Courtroom
Once devoted to a color-blind Constitution, Thurgood Marshall could not bring himself to let that principle benefit whites.

'The Right to Parent': Should It Be Fundamental?

Editorial: Judging the Justices
Yes, the judiciary is usurping the powers of the people, but talk of revolution is alarmist.

News Briefs

Religious Freedom Amendment Has Many Hurdles to Clear

EDITORIAL: Scalia's Foolishness
Let's be fools for Christ, not plain fools.

Court Strikes Down Homosexual Rights Ban

COLSON: Lady with a Blue Dress On

ARTICLE: Is Death a Right?
What begins as a right can soon become an obligation.

Congress: Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage
Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage

Court Voids Holiday Exemption Law

RFRA: Cases Test Religious Freedom Limits
New Cases Test Limits of Religious Freedom

Supreme Court: Supreme Court Ruling Due on Church Expansion Dispute

Colson: Can We Still Pledge Allegiance?
Recent Supreme Court decisions have short-circuited the democratic process.

High Court Floating Bubble Zones
High Court Pops Floating Bubble Zones

Washington: Bankruptcy Tithe Exemption Sought

Editorial: Life Wish
In the debate over physician-assisted suicide, is anyone listening to the soft voices of the dying and infirm?

Education: Judge Stalls Voucher Expansion

Robert Bork: Give Me Liberty, But Don't Give Me Filth
The legal theorist and Supreme Court nominee makes a case for censorship.

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