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Washington Rally Convicts Nation of Sins

When God Declares War
The violence of God can only be understood in the shadow of the Cross.

Books: By Their Books Ye Shall Know Them
Books that have shaped American evangelicals in the last 40 years

Church Growth: Spiritual Mapping Gains Credibility Among Leaders

Sex Allegations: Megachurch Pastor Quits, Denies Wrongdoing

Champions for Christ Pulled into NFL Convert Controversy

The Book Report: Peretti Out-Grishams Grisham
God and the Devil in the summer blockbusters.

Apocalypse Now
Revelation says more about church life today than about how the world will end.


‘Do You Believe in God?’
Columbine and the stirring of America’s soul.

Tough Love Saved Cassie
How the Bernalls helped Cassie break with old friends and build a new life.

9 Strategies to Keep from Falling Sexually
Practical steps to maintain your integrity.

Operation Courage
How to lead when the going gets tough.

How Satan Tempts Your People

Prayer When They Slander You


Celebrating easter When You're Living Good Friday

Reading the Resistance

Red Flags of Prayer Disorder

"Regeneration, Deliverance, or Therapy?"
Chapter 4 of Building Your Church Through Counsel and Care
from the Library of Leadership Development series

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