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Evangelicals Wary After Conservative Defeat
by Richard Nyberg in Bonn

The Puritan Critique of Modern Attitudes Toward Money
Puritans are often charged with having been the origin of modern attitudes toward money. Upon scrutiny, the things ascribed to Puritans turn out to be secularized versions of something that the Puritans only accepted in a context of supreme allegiance to God and obedience to Christian moral standards.

Christians against Nazis: the German Confessing Church

Economics after God's Own Image
Appaled by the slavery of the British working class, Chesterton joined Hilaire Belloc in promoting a brave new ideal.

Greece: Socialists Give Evangelicals Some Relief
Greek Orthodox Church fights plan to remove religion designation on identity cards

Can a Socialist be a Hero?
Critics in the religious and mainstream media respond to Enemy at the Gates and Exit Wounds.

East German Church Lost 'Distinctive Voice' After Reunification
"Forty years after the building of the Berlin Wall, cleric claims some churches are worse off"

Lewis the Letter-Writer
An unconscious autobiography in two volumes of correspondence.

Durable Contempt
Why anti-Americanism thrives.

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