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Deliver Us from Evil
The films of Paul Schrader show that he got the most important part of his Calvinist upbringing right.

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: What would John Wesley have said about this debate in the chruch?
Can it be said of us that we surprise others by the sympathy and compassion we extend toward homosexuals?

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: What Wolfhart Pannenberg says about this debate in the church.
The biblical assessments of homosexual practice are unambigous in their rejection of it

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: A Pastoral Manifesto

Friends to Die For

Why I Resist Accountability

9 Strategies to Keep from Falling Sexually
Practical steps to maintain your integrity.

Alone with Lust

How Satan Tempts Your People

My Secret Struggle

5 Moral Fences

The Perils of Professional Holiness

Breaking the Approval Addiction

Taming Ambition

Confessions of a Lazy Pastor

Pastoral Anger: Murder in the Cathedral

Handling Sexual Temptation

After the Fall

When Sin Won't Let Go

The War Within

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