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Nigeria On the Brink of Religious War
Northern states adopt Islamic law, increasing Christian-Muslim tensions.

In Brief

Muslim Group Issues fatwa on Author of Gay Play about Christ
Defenders of the Messenger Jesus also castigates Christians for not protesting Corpus Christi

Nigeria: Islamic Law Raises Tensions

Catholic Diocese Supports Maine Gay Rights Referendum
Recent media reports from around the world about Christians and Christianity

Kenya: Muslim-Christian Riots Rock Nairobi
Will religious fighting lead Kenya to convert to Shari'ah like some Nigerian states?

The Shari'ah Threat
Muslim Fundamentalist law troubles Christians and some Muslims

Briefs: The World

Nigeria: Orphaned and Widowed
Christian families devastated since Shari'ah law adopted

Archbishop Proposes to Die in Place of Woman Sentenced to Stoning
Okogie’s offer is a protest against Nigeria’s Islamic Shari‘ah law.

Nigeria Moves Against Shari'ah
U.S. government said ABWE had to let it off the hook for Peru plane shooting or missionaries wouldn't get paid, and other stories from around the world

Carl McIntire, 'P.T. Barnum of Fundamentalism,' Dies at 95
Marathon messes up D.C. services, and mixed news on Shari'ah in Nigeria

Gunman Killed in Church of the Nativity Courtyard
Fourteen Christians slain in Indonesia, two Nigerian Christians escape the death penalty, and other stories from online sources around the world

Legacy of an Ancient Pact
Why do Christians still chafe under restrictions in some Muslim nations? It all started with Umar

Afghanistan Before September 11
A Christian relief worker talks about the terror inside the war-ravaged country and his prayers for change

Chinese Court Overturns House-Church Death Sentences
W.W.J.D. coming to the F.D.A and the next hotbed of Islamic radicalism

Confirmation for Oldest Church in the World Find
Mob attacks Christian meeting in India, Nigerian government stands against Shari'ah, ossuary owner will go to Toronto after all, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Indonesian Christians in Danger as Laskar Jihad Leader Freed
Evangelicals' role in Bush's anti-AIDS campaign, and other stories from online sources around the world

Nigerian State Rejects Islamic Law
Government commission says residents don't want shari'a in Gombe

"Hostages, Prisoners, Captives—And One Who's Not"
"Catching up with Milingo, the Burnhams, and the Shelter Now workers in Afghanistan."

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