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Confessions of a Sex Addict

Sex & Science

Fatherhood Aborted
The hidden trauma of men and abortion and what the church can do about it.

Books: Sex, Drugs, and the Varieties of Religious Experience
A librarians' guide to the most influential books of the century.

A Generation of Debtors
A Gen-Xer reflects on the deficits bequeathed to his generation and on its fear of redemption.

PTL: Bakkers Write Separate Autobiographies
Jim, Tammy Faye Describe Downfall

Colson: Why Not Gay Marriage?
If people believe marriage is just an invention, then they will feel free to change it, redefine it, or even discard it.

News Briefs

News Briefs

Canada: Teachers Group Contests School's 'Sexual Sin' Policy

Matters of Opinion: Free Love Didn't Come Cheap
It's hard to share your body when your heart keeps getting in the way.

Books: Real Sex
Making the case for fidelity.

Editorial: Sentimentally Yours

Whatever Happened to Middle-Class Hypocrisy?
Sorry, Jimmy Olsen; middle-class morality ain't what it used to be.

Editorial: Home Is Where the Parent Should Be
How to resist a society that pulls parents in every direction but home.

School Permits Abstinence Choice

Religious Leaders Tell Clinton to Quit

Family-Friendly Titanic Irks Hollywood

In Brief

One Church, Two Faiths
Will the Episcopal Church survive the fight over homosexuality?

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