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Finding Your Church's Niche

What's a Pastor For?

In the Word: The 'Shyness' of God
Self-centeredness is cured by looking deeply within the life of the Trinity.

Editorial: Billy Graham's Soulmate
T. W. Wilson exemplified the sacrificial spirit that makes team ministry work.

Leon Sullivan Dies at 78
Baptist minister led U.S. efforts to hold corporations responsible for investing in South African apartheid

Christians Provide Comfort in the Shadow of Calamity
"Still stunned and reeling, New Yorkers seek support at prayer service"

Fire Department Chaplain Dies in the Line of Duty
Father Mike is remembered for compassion and always being first on the scene.

Active Christian on Flight 93 Hailed as a Hero
Wheaton College graduate and others figured out how to do extraordinary things aboard United plane.

Parachurch Passion
A Dallas food pantry was transformed when it turned the tables on who should do ministry

Servant in Chief
Jimmy Carter's journey from the White House to building houses

Seat Belt Salvation
Connecticut asks pastors to tell their congregations to buckle up

A Regular Purpose-Driven Guy
Rick Warren's genius is in helping pastors see the obvious

Civic-Minded and Heavenly Good
How Christians should practice 'right politics.'

Quenching Worst-Case Scenarios
Maryland Baptists train to rescue their neighbors if terrorists strike again

Killing a Pandemic
The church may be best equipped to deal HIV/AIDS a crippling blow

Tallying Compassion
How much is a church's good work worth?

"PLUS: The Neighborhood's Last, Best Hope"
American congregations give more to society than they get from it

Saving Black Babies
Abortion has cost 13 million African American lives.

Clergy ratings at lowest point ever
Survey finds low trust in the church

Making a Difference
The God Who Hung on the Cross is a vibrant chronicle of an 81-year-old man's mission

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