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The Day Rev. Henderson Bumped His Head
A parable of church life. Honestly.

The Exacting Price of Ministry

Night Dialogues

Resisting the Urge to Strike Back

A Beautiful Reminder
Ron Howard's Oscar-winning film packs an unintentional biblical message.

Good for the Soul

The science of obesity.


The Weigh and the Truth
Christian dieting programs—like Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down Diet—help believers pray off the pounds. But what deeper messages are they sending about faith and fitness?

'Judge Us by Our Fruits'
The founder of Weigh Down responds to her critics.

Rx for Gluttony
Even Christian diet experts rarely talk about it anymore. But the early monks did, and for good reason.

Perennial Diet Wars

Outreach: More than 12 Steps
New Freedom Fellowship, a church for recovering substance abusers, helps people walk with Christ.

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