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Denominations and Dinosaurs
If congregations do not adapt to a rapidly changing environment, they will become extinct.

No Calling Without a Caller
Os Guinness wants to restore our sense of God-given vocations.

First Church of the New American Pastiche
We are not religious. But we are very spiritual.

We're All Syncretists Now
Not religious, just spiritual.

Puzzles and Dreams


The Alpha-Brits Are Coming
A British course for non-Christians aims to transform North American evangelistic outreach.

To the Church Which Seeks Seekers by John Ortberg
To the Church Which Seeks Seekers:

Deepening Our Conversation with God

Interview: Deepening Our Conversation with God (part 2)

Growing Edge

The Sound of God's Voice

Letter from a Muslim Seeker
Christians aren't the only ones asking 'Why?' after September's tragedy

Matters of the Heart
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind

Let's Get Personal
Yes, the church needs to get past modernity's impersonal techniques. But adding the prefix post doesn't solve anything

Reformed or Deformed?
Questions for postmodern Christians

The Pull
Two lives drawn to God

Good for the Soul

What Heresy?
The things Neo-Gnostic seekers find lacking in Christianity-experiential insight, mysticism, a direct link to God-are already there

Rehearsing the Covenant

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