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God's Missionary to Us, Part 2
When Lesslie Newbigin returned to the West after 35 years in India, he found his native England had become a foreign mission field.


BOOKS: Naturalism on Trial

Greening of the Gospel?
Evangelical environmentalists press to add creation care to the church's mission.


News Briefs

Editorial: Stop Cloning Around
In the flurry of scientific boundary breaking, let's remember that humans are not sheep.

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part I)
How biochemist Michael Behe uses a mousetrap to challenge evolutionary theory.

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part II)

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part III)

Colson: Quoting the Bible Isn't Enough
"It's heresy to tell believers not to cite their Bibles," the station manager fumed.

The Making of a Revolution
Law professor Phillip Johnson wants to overturn the scientific establishment's "creation myth."

Science with Baloney Detectors
How to discern the truth when popular advocates of competing perspectives on science indulge in a little showmanship.


Editorial: The Pope, the Press, and Evolution
When the media seized on John Paul II's statement, they not only missed his main point, they missed a wider story.

Evolution: Debunking Darwin?
Intelligent-design' movement gathers strength.

Yancey: Jesus and the Big Bang
The Apollo missions, the greatest technological achievement of our species, gave the first real glimpse of our puny place in the universe.


Yancey: Jesus, the Reluctant Miracle Worker
Clearly, Jesus did not come to solve "the problem of pain" while on earth.

Creationism: Young-Earth Theory Gains Advocates

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