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If consciousness is only an illusion, it's the greatest mistake human beings have ever made.

Why Not?

Dark Nature
The new prophets of evolutionary psychology want to reduce us to mere survival machines.

Quantum Metaphysics

The Design Debate
Does "chance" rule out God? Does near-impossibility require him?

I Cerebrate Myself
Is there a little man inside your brain?

Time Travel for Nonscientists

HISTORY WARS II: Intellectual Fallout

No More Disembodied Minds


Neuroscience After Nietzsche
Is the brain a symphony orchestra without a conductor?

Darwin Comes to America

Science Without Laws?

Evolution and Ethics

Stranger in a Strange Land

Brave New China

The Evidence Against the New Creationism: Tower of Babel

The Evidence Against the New Creationism: Phillip Johnson

The Evidence Against the New Creationism: Robert Pennock

Much Ado About Nada

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