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The Ultimate Lawyer Joke

Directions: Do Demons Have Zip Codes?
The closest things to territorial spirits in the New Testament are angels, not demons.

Satan with a Stethoscope
Novels you don't want to read before surgery.

You Can't Possibly Understand What's Going On Here!
Schwarzenegger's End of Days rejects spiritual themes for guns and missiles.

Apocalyptic Palette

Teen Shines Brightly on Campus

How Satan Tempts Your People

Black Death Inspires Zwingli's Plague Hymn

The Unrefined Reformer

Witch Hunting in Salem
Why were 19 people hanged?

Pandora's Box of SRA
Satanic ritual abuse is often hard to prove, but it may not matter

Who Has the Authority to Ban Satan?
Plus: Herod's death revealed, and the school flier that almost undid more than two centuries of religious freedom.

Procter & Gamble's Satanism Suit Against Amway Tossed
Gospel Music Association head quits, Pat Robertson tied to Osama, and other stories from online sources around the world

Overcoming the Evil One

"Weblog: After Devil Manifestations, Crosses Appear at the World Trade Center Site"
"re:generation quarterly's special issue, Amy Grant's Christmas tour, and CWA's new president."

"Of Satanic Symbols, Donations, Numbers, and Other Things that Aren't Really Satanic"
"From rumors about Procter & Gamble to Route 666, action is being taken to quash alarm. Plus: the NCC stays silent on Sudan while Eugene Rivers says he's staying silent about everything, and other stories from around the world."

In the Belly of the Beast
"Christians, calling terrorist attack satanically brilliant, minister at epicenter of World Trade disaster"

Give Me Shelter (Now Workers)
"The devil appears again in the Trade Center smoke, Falwell tries another apology, and bin Laden's Abu Sayaaf connection."

The Holy City
"A mayoral ban in Inglis, Florida designates the town free of Satan"

Quotation Marks

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