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Canadian Politician's Talking to Evangelicals Gets Him in Trouble
Plus: No Commandments in Virginia schools, Slate’s swipe at Intelligent Design, and other stories from around the Internet and around the world.

"Of Satanic Symbols, Donations, Numbers, and Other Things that Aren't Really Satanic"
"From rumors about Procter & Gamble to Route 666, action is being taken to quash alarm. Plus: the NCC stays silent on Sudan while Eugene Rivers says he's staying silent about everything, and other stories from around the world."

Philippines: Agency Disputes Rumors about Burnhams
All indications say the hostages are still being held captive in the jungles of Basilan Island.

Go Figure
Can an atheist lead a protest from the grave?

Gujarat Religious Survey Troubles Indian Christians
Government of Indian state says it has been gathering statistics on the minority at the behest of federal officials

Trying the High Road

"The Dick Staub Interview: Philip Yancey, the Rumor-Monger"
"The author's latest is written not for Christians, but for those on the borderlands of belief."

When destructive people head for another church, do you warn the next pastor?

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