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You Say You Want a Revolution: 1776–2001

BOOKS: The Colonial Coalition

The Making of a Revolution
Law professor Phillip Johnson wants to overturn the scientific establishment's "creation myth."

Classic & Contemporary Excerpts

Revival and Revolution

John Wesley and the Eighteenth Century World: Christian History Timeline
One hundred years of turmoil, change, and innovation that laid a foundation for our own day.

Russian Christianity and the Revolution: What Happened?
Russia and the surrounding Slavic countries were at one time considered among the "most Christian" of nations. So where was the church during the revolution that made the USSR atheistic?

From Mountain Ghetto to Missionary Diaspora
Waldensians and the Modern Era

Apostles on Horseback
Francis Asbury & the Methodist Circuit Riders—Covering America with Spiritual Awakening

1456 Gutenberg Produces the First Printed Bible
Using his revolutionary invention—printing from movable type—he made the Scriptures potentially accessible to every person.

Radicals in Times of Revolution

America's Hesitation Over Hymns
Why did colonial churches resist the first British musical invasion?

Heavenly Comet
As George Whitefield blazed across England, Scotland, and America, his dramatic preaching caused excitement bordering on panic.

Preacher of Revolution
John Knox provoked rulers, incited riots, and inspired a reformation in Scotland.

Knox's Shocking Politics
Knox believed Christians should rebel against "idolatrous" governments. Why?

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Christian History Timeline - Journeying with John Knox

John Knox and the Scottish Reformation: Recommended Resources

Curious Mix in the Continental Congress
How Christians and deists worked together in the war effort.

Fighting Words
Peter Muhlenberg gave perhaps the most dramatic sermon of the Revolutionary era.

Christianity and the American Revolution: A Gallery of Christians in the Cause
Five devout champions of liberty and revolution.

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