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Higher Education: Universities Question Orthodox Conversions

Sex Allegations: Megachurch Pastor Quits, Denies Wrongdoing

Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Ned Graham's woes, same-sex unions, and other topics

The Loneliest Choice of All

To Fight or to Flee?

The Decision to Stay

A Wounded Pastor's Rescue

Evangelicalism: NAE President Resigns in Wake of Financial Woes

Ohio Science Standards Don't Mandate Intelligent Design, But May Open Door
President of Gardner-Webb University resigns in grade scandal, and other stories from online sources around the world

NAE President Resigns in Wake of Financial Woes
"In the process of change, you also create friction, says Kevin Mannoia"

Malawi President Ends Church Feud by Stepping Down
The Presbyterian church spoke out against his attempts to change the constitution for a third term

Homosexual Anglican Priest Withdraws from Bishop Posting
Larry Burkett dies of heart trouble at 64

Evangelical Scholars Remove Robert Gundry for His Views on Matthew
Did Matthew embellish his work with nonhistorical additions?

Deaths, promotions, and other tidbits from the religion world.

Free the Boykin Transcripts!
Plus: Joe Stowell resigns from Moody, and many other stories from online sources around the world.

Ten Reasons Not to Resign
How one pastor kept himself from jumping ship.

Even a painful resignation can be a first-hand encounter with grace.

How one near-casualty was saved and returned to ministry.

Updates (has wrong subtitle)
After pregame prayer is barred, educators say they do not need a microphone to pray.

Briefs: North America

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