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Growing Edge

Growing Edge

Growing Edge


Pastoring the Powerful


The Holy Club

A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Pietism: The Gallery - Thumbnail Sketches of Important Leaders in the Pietist Movement

Reborn in Order to Renew
The Pietists' emphasis on the new birth and biblical authority had startling implications as to how one treated orphans, the lower classes and one's opponents. Orthodoxy was not enough. A changed life was required.

From the Archives: The Pia Desideria (Pious Desires)
The Manifesto of Pietism

Pulling the Flesh From My Bones
Bunyan in Prison—Ministry in Suffering

From the Archives: A Letter From Prison, in Tyndale's Own Hand

The Schwenckfeld Bible

The Popular Educator
Moody was not an educational theorist or systematizer, but he was a popular educator par excellence.

1738 John & Charles Wesley Experience Conversions
They were ordained ministers and missionaries. Then their hearts were "strangely warmed," and their changed lives gave rise to a worldwide movement.

Sayings of Spurgeon
A sampling of his wisdom and wit

A Day in the Life of William Carey

Reading a Banned Book
Tyndale's comfort to persecuted Bible readers

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