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Stranger in a Strange Land

Dancing the Edge of Mystery
The new homiletics celebrates pilgrimage, not propositions.

Flash Cards from Heaven


Bethlehem Bible College Buys Land
Bethlehem Bible College Buys Land

Bill Moyers's National Bible Study
This Southern Baptist preacher-turned-journalist wants to get America talking about the stories of Genesis.

Olympics: Sports Chaplains Compete for Souls

News Briefs


Books: Devotions on the Run
Help for going short and deep.

News Briefs

Experiencing God Crosses Over
Experiencing God Crosses Over

Learning to Speak Russian

Religion Law Jeopardizes Evangelism

Books: A Library in a Book
Raymond Brown provides an excellent synthesis of contemporary New Testament scholarship.

Genesis: Warts and All
What Christians can learn from Jews about the Bible's first book.

The Book Report: Orthodoxy with an Attitude

Finding a Home for Eve
We are right to criticize radical feminist scholars—and wrong to ignore them.

The Battle for the Inclusive Bible
Conflicts over "gender-neutral" versions are not really about translation issues.

In Print: Beyond Do-Goodism

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