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The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
Muslim "protection" of Christians and Jews has actually been oppression, says scholar Bat Ye'or.

The Forgotten Christians of Lebanon
Once free and equal, Lebanon's Christians now struggle against tremendous odds in a country dominated by Syrian politics and an increasingly Islamized culture.


Jesus Through Buddhist Eyes
Meet the bodhisattva from Nazareth

All Things Jewish

Living by Law, Looking for Intimacy
What Christians can learn from the debates that divide American Jews. This is the first installment in a five-part series.

God of Abraham—and Saint Paul - part 2

Killing Jesus All Over Again
How medieval stories about desecrating the Eucharist were used to justify the murder of Jews.

Divided We Grow
The long-awaited second edition of David Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia.

Who Would Have Thought?

To the Jews First
Jewish evangelization from the heyday of dispensationalism to the rise of Messianic Judaism.

The Only Way
Answering the argument that all religions are more or less true.

I Didn't Mean to be Rude
Many faiths, not just ours, hold quite specific doctrines and stand at firm disagreement with one another.

Sunday Morning Field Trips

Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?
The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.

The Heavyweights of Religion Research
Reference works that provide pound-for-pound excellence.

Muhammad Through Christian Eyes
Demonic charlatan or moral exemplar? The church's mixed response to Islam's prophet.

A Global Pentecost
The fastest-growing religious group?

Jesus Through Muslim Eyes
Sayings and stories


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